One word to describe Sen. Bong bong marcos

1. So let us not bring the past we are talking about Bong-bong Marcos right now, late former president Ferdinand E. Marcos and Bong Bong is similarly like his father standings and goals are almost the same as excellent leaders whatever position has them.

2. It's a Brave and with Strong personality, one of the most popular people in the entire Universe, they know Bong-bong Marcos because they recognize his father's greatest leadership when his father becomes the best president in the world 1995 worldwide survey.

3. However, they say some of his college or university careers are not complete. Other units and diploma he receives are just done extra knowledge for his good plans. What can you say about graduate in Ateneo if the Philippines are still in poverty? if the Philippines have bullied by china and if the Philippines has the highest corruption record by his administration listed by international transparency? until his last term.

4. His term and excellent leadership in  Ilocos Norte is really amazing, How did he plan? and continuously build power plants? like the solar power plant in Corimao and windmill power plant in the municipality of Burgos, Bangui, and Pagudpud which is now the first and the largest Wind farm in south-east Asia.

5. He has a big plan for the Philippines future, but we hope that the truth must prevail and he will be declared soon as the real Vice President of the Philippines. Good luck Bong Bong

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