How to avoid and locate TANIM BALA in NAIA

It’s a big shame for us as Filipino innocents and other people who are good in service but literally there are still behind shadow plans. So that/however, I have a simple advice and strategies below and I think I hope it helps you for a safe travel where ever you go at any place all over the world.

1. You can change your plan; it’s either caring your bag through the airport or let your things be done by sending to LBC express 1 month before the flight. 
2.  There is a service provider inside the airport which is you can ask them to wrap your baggage with plastic, in this way they could not open the baggage.
3. Watch your bag anywhere or for on example - in the X-ray (Scanner) machine you must steady your two eyes watching it.
4. You can locate this person by contacting them eye to eye, anybody of us has a behavioral understanding and you might think a simple actions you may lead to fast action before they start their plan. (Makiramdam) 
5. There are some parts of the tanim bala gang you may use to avoid them by many things that can enter up and destroyed their plans in advance, I don't know exactly what is it but you can make a better than me, I think you are also thinking to what is your best plan right now, but make sure to be safe!.

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