Drug trafficking and abusive world - Airport to Jail

So how is that happen again and again? some of them are real innocents and some of them really badly know it's illegal and forbidden to the country's law, however, I have made some discussion below:

1. There is no such any other parts to line up and smuggle things you have already know it's forbidden by law authorities and you are so brave enough to do that, so what's is running inside your brain before you do that, i really want to interview does people inside the jail and know  there deep reason why one by one.

2. I believe, for successful delivery of this drugs to the buyers is spectacularly amazing, there is a lot of security and now especially we are in new future technology, 00.001% rates all over the world a chance for you to smuggle but not at all time.

3. Australia. Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Europe country and USA - Canada are totally secured when it comes to new technology in determining drug traffickers and confiscate illegal items. The airport is full of police actually.

4. The definition of true people is those I could say the best people and most disciplined country "JAPAN"

5. Most of the crimes and criminal incidents, like human fall accidents, car crash, and other brutal crimes are caused by using drugs and addictions.

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