What are the advantage of fast internet in a country?

1. Huge couples of investors to be driven and potentials of the investment plan.
2. For the fastest growth of the economy at least at a time.
3. Job employments will be increased and unemployed will be decreased at least little by little.
4. Maybe we can use it for fast searching on dates or guys/girls online?
5. The world is fast enough to make sure the accuracy and making communication easier.
6. Not so difficult to make something and very useful for our needs. for on example: school projects, searching materials, reading tools, e-books and etc.
7. Works did effortlessly softer than your hand.
8. The fast internet makes you faster at works so you may have more time left to other things.
9. A modern and technological innovation that needs to be implement and sustain the knowledge for better future and world competitive solutions.

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