How to use the Auto play on YouTube

Using the Autoplay on YouTube is so easy, just click and drag the slide button that you see on the picture, if the slide button is in gray color the Autoplay setting is off and any video will not automatically play unless you are going to slide to the right and a blue color will show and that's mean the Autoplay set. will automatically run and it means you will no longer click any videos because of the Autoplay set, this means also that weather you click it or not after the video ends.

The auto play setting will not enter up or disturb you because it's easy to set and dragging the button right or left only. You can play videos without the autoplay setting by logging out on to your account.

If you wish to report the problem that can cause the auto play in the service you can also report your personal rights here

If you want to report YouTube Videos on your Quality standard you can also report here
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