Top 6 Craziest Self harm post on Facebook (business errors)

Top 1.
This human with one slice on the mouth, but i think this is just a sick or may be he/she accidentally bite her/his mouth so much hungry?

Top 2.
This really terrible and unexpected, i don't know what  are they thinking off, 

Top 3.
Would you do this for many times? that's really hurt!

 Top 4.
He hate her/his life? and why did you do that? if hate your life end it without showing your going to kill your self better you do it secretly. This showed that they are just afraid of doing it secretly.

 Top 5.
I think this is not a self harm but we can still include it just because they don't really care and why are they going to captured it before washing it or bribe a medicine first?

Top 6.
This is the craziest i'd ever seen in my life, i din't see something like that before just this on the picture. I think this guy has more problem than the other pictures above mentioned.

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