5 Hardest Epic things you won't do in Saudi Arabia

A. Do not attempt or try to stool or release your waste on the toilet at the time around 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM
1. The water is hot especially does who are not using a tissue to clean your bat, however, either you use a tissue paper or not you will still need to wash your hand. i think there is no water warmer or machine that can cool up the water, i haven't see like that before.
Why the water is hot? 
During summer months Saudi Arabia is suffering from hot whether. and you know that middle is a desert country.
Other related actions:
1. If you are going to the shower or simply rushing out of time, you won't do that, your hair may fall.

B. Do not try to cover any parts of your face or your nose if you smell something to a Saudi people, Don't ever tell them about their lifestyle if not nice to talk about.
1. There lifestyle is just like us, if they will go visit your country, they will criticize too, in addition, some of them like other nationality they don't even try before to use deodorant and active anti bio odor. Deodorant is not recommended so much for them as they have there own lifestyle and you won't force them to use it.
What is the cause of bad smell during summer time?
Anybody knows how to clean our body but you will not avoid yourself not to sweat from a hot place unless you worked in cold place.

C. Do not Burp while talking to a person in Saudi Arabia particularly if you are in a conference or even at any place where Saudi people is with you or beside you, "excuse me" is not acceptable to many of them, other wise you really need to go a little far away for a moment.
1. If I'm not mistaken it's a simple way of showing disciplined its self and it's a simple showmanship of being healthy.
What will happen if someone heard that noise?
Nothing, but the respect is already abuse and no more expectation you can get to respect you that way. Just like what I say they respect each other by all means of eating, drinking, passing and a lot more.
You can use your hand towel or you hand to cover your mouth before you burp it's not just that hard but do it by respect instead!

D. Do not use your left arm to shake hand with Saudi people!
1. Shaking hand with your left arm was stated for us before we travel, the theory running on this thought is some of them are cleaning their bat when after bathroom but some are using tissue, let's make it meaningful as I said left hand is absolutely dirty.
What is the biggest mistake if you still use your left hand?
Are you going to use your left hand during dinner? No! that's disgusting anyway.
Dependable 1:
Why are you scared of using your left hand while eating? If you can use fork and spoon?
It's because mostly Saudi and other nationalities who are working and leaving in the middle east are traditionally or their habit of using their hand to eat is already stamped just like the Philippines they also use there right hand to eat food.
Dependable 2:
Why don't you use alcohol after closet or bath?
I don;t know.

E. Do not expect that Saudi will communicate with you fluently as you do speak English. 
Saudi people are Saudi they have their own language "Arabic" they are optionally used between two language English or Arabic, but most of them speak Arabic. That's why you should learn Arabic too if you are on OFW or even visitors from Aramco.
English language literacy in Saudi Arabia is still on the way of improvements and not us much as the Philippines, India is good in English too, just like a plant they are still growing and i think school of English language is few only in Saudi Arabia.
What will happen if they don't understand of what are you talking about?
For on example just like police officers they don't speak English or even learn that. So if you catch and arrested, how can you explain your rights? that is the advantage of learning the Arabic words.

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