The Top Youngest Billionaire of the world 2015 - present

Number One. Mark Zuckerberg at the age of 31, wow just by developing Facebook and then he become a billionaire! actually not just because of Facebook he become rich but the people who are using Facebook to advertise in public and Facebook founders have profited a lot from it.

Number Two. We have a tie with Sergey Brin and Larry page, they are both in a one company and partners, also with almost the same wealth. Ages 42, So how did they do this? simply just the same of Mark Zuckerberg did but Google is the first who lunched the biggest hosting site on the web, using ads they gain a lot normally they produce money.

Number Three. However, he is not the wealthiest but we can still consider him as the youngest billionaire from CHINA!

Number Four. Li Hejun, By Distribution and manufacturing of solar power equipment, China today is very fast when it comes to productions of products.

Number Five. Stefan Quandt the Big Owner of known one of the most popular car vehicle brands in the world. 

Number Six. Georg Schaeffler and Michael Dell at an age of 50 from Germany and with Michael Dell from the USA the Owner/Founder of Dell Computers. But I am confused of ball bearings and the income they produced? How is that come? I don't have a big idea on this, or may be because they produced car bearings? and supply the world?

Number Seven. Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Patrick Drahi and a one girl Laurene Powell Jobs. Laurene is the second richest girl in the world. Almost all people from the USA have their credit card and debit cards so it's easy for them to buy online with Amazon.com.

Number Eight. The third richest girl in the world Susanne Klatten, Also a partner/founder of BMW from Germany at age 53, not bad at all.

Number Nine. I don't expect there are people who attain achievements like this using media? How did they produce money using media? what kind of media is this? is it broadcasting? I notice that Indian people are very successful from Oil businesses and Pharmaceuticals. Diversified is a multiple or different kinds of selling and business.

Number Ten. However, Bill Gates is still on the top of the wealthiest or richest man in the world at the age of 59 years old. Owner/Founder/Engineer/and a programmer of the most popular computer software "MICROSOFT" With Steve Ballmer who are also working at Microsoft/Co-founders.

Number Eleven. Actually, I really don't know why I do include them at the top ten but we can consider as Christy Walton is the wealthiest known girl in the world and the two guys. At the age of 60, he is the owner of WalMart.com in the United States. And at last a Saudi Arabian who are in the field of Investments.

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