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Yah that's it.

I also experience this on my blog , i just want to explain some details about it and why are they hiding this ads on the side of your website.

1. The picture that you see is a preview only and what i want to know and see is that the actual look of my blog with ads i displayed but i notice that every time i preview this and change the color of my ads from google Adsense it always shows nothing.
- But The two ads on the center of my post have showed free from preview, this is actually on illusion or something i don't know just because if you are going to see on preview there is no ads that you can click actually and google Ads don't let you do that forever, any way if you have other information to tell please you are free to leave a comment below.

2. One more thing is that, at this moment google.com surely know everything from log on/clicks/history of your browsing up to anything you do on web if you start signing in automatically google will record all your events you do inside all the products that google have, especially a priority and securely monitored the google Adsense if you have.

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