How to avoid from addicted games?

Addicted games
 Addicted games have no limitations, you can play it all the day you want, there is no such thing it can help you to avoid from it, But one of the best things I know doesn't ever try to play a games online/on mobile never ever do that, the addiction of games on computer or anywhere is like a cigarette once you started it there will no more chance of leaving it or forgetting it.

Here's are my reason why:
1. The happiness you found while winning games? is really amazing for you?.
2. You are happy because you show your ability to other people that you are good on gaming it?
3. There's a lot of factors that it can give to you on your own thought?
4. You feel smart? and you know you're not quitting time?
5. You feel and you think you will be idolized with fellow players?

So how could I strength my avoidance?
Here's are my list
1. Don't ever try the games if you want a peace of mind
2. Don't be friendly so much with people who you know is playing online games, they might invite you to it.
3. There are no such things to discuss that playing games are good for you health and life rules.
3. If you see your kids/cousin/siblings playing online/on mobile, get that fucking phone away from them, don't ever teach them how to download on applications.
4. It's simple disciplined, If you know how to disciplined yourself, I think you are in a good/excellent parents.
5. Avoidance factor is in your self, so it started with you. No other people to blame for it.

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