US states with Hourly wage working ( Ranked )

So kaya pala maraming nag poponta ng state of Hawaii, its a great opportunity for OFW and people there in Hawaii who were working and have been there for some points of years, A huge hourly wage like this is totally interesting and so much incredible but it's real, no more things to be explained you never think to do a plan for it. Meanwhile, does Filipinos who have especial Career for a while is really satisfied with thinking their wealth is really valued more than other OFW's destinations. 

Nevertheless, I'm thinking now how can I cross the country to take myself in Hawaii, But this time we should not doubt about where we are, payouts is not the real competitions but the goodness how easy is your work all about, just for on advice it's not the fact that you don't do your best but just pray to God, and wishing you good luck for best salary range and good job opportunities.

For Americans, your country is really amazing and very lucky, I'm so sad that the Philippines has the worst president for some years of suffering "No Job" in the Philippines. However, hopefully so much interesting to know this year we will having a new election of a presidency and we can breathe all together again just because our present president term is almost finished now and hope for the best vote for our new president Bongbong Marcos soon.

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