Top 7 good platform for blogging

So what do you think?
What platform is the best for you?
Who grown enough and more fast and useful?

 1. I'm thinking about the quality time than good looks blogging just because, it is not so important that you have the good looking blog if you don't have the quality post.
A blog that I can manage everything so easy and reliable, doing the most fluent access and smooth blogging, a difference between easy to understand the how and where to make your blogging advance and more advantage a word that you expect everything is nice.

2. I choice blogger.com, this google service product of google is really amazing, it is the best since I was started using another platform also but I don't like it, comparing what I am using today, one of the best of blogger that it has is they let you blog post automatically publish around the world web and searched automatically by viewers and with the help of google plus, so tell me what they got from their own platform right now and I will listen to you. Other than that google company have let you use Adsense as a publisher and sell products on web advertising, that's mean you also earn money without making any domain or paying your blog every month, instead you earn  from blogging it.

3. I think another platform has developers but I really admire also does who are possible to have engineers on their own platform or hosting sites, with optional styles and creative blogs hosts like Drupal.com and wordspress.com But as I do belong blogger.com is still my choice.








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