Why infolinks never let you remove a blog instead of editing

I really don't know exactly what is the reason why they don't even remove rejected blogs or the blogs that are under construction which is still cheap if you are going to see to it. 

In my opinion and observation, infolinks are really optimistic just like chance to chance, revenue to revenue, every cent of a dollar are important to them, that's how I describe infolinks.

They let users or publishers use links ads still run although there are errors in the fields from this user of blogs, infolinks keep them alive however in just a day this blog traffic are with 10 views a day? why infolinks accept this? just because you won't know how important is the miracle can do to it, every visitors in a blog has a purpose and infolinks have believed in one visit one click idea.

This is the example of their message to me.


Thanks for your message. 

You do not need to remove your blogs from your account in order to renovate them. In fact, if you plan on working on them and then you want to resubmit them, it is best that you leave them on your account. When you want us to review them again for you, you can simply write us in an email and let us know. 

It seems that the majority of your sites that have been denied were denied for lack of text. If you choose to add text to these sites, please feel free to let us know and we'll review them.

Thanks and have a nice day,


Pamela Z
Account Executive

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