What will happen if you marked a money bill with ballpen?

Honestly, i'm not going to tell you a story of mine that i did marked a money bill but i just want to tell you so that anybody who will going to read this will not do the same, so here is it, That time i was on the market and ready to pay at cashier now i didn't notice a money cash bill with a mark of a something like a note of numbers and letter at the left side of my 50 dollars bill i think the cashier didn't notice too, one time i decided to deposit my left money which is just small denomination at the bank with 100 pcs. of 10 dollars and after a few minutes the teller said one of your 10 dollar has a mark of pen and can't read by the counting machine, so the teller return it from me.

Another story is from Saudi Arabia, my friend and we meet a years ago but we still communicating with facebook and twitter, he said one time there are customers who have check-in on the hotel because he is the manager of the 5 star hotel, and he is also counting and a financier which is involved of money management, but it's a separate type of issue its not on the money he manage on the office but the money he receive from another guy and he decided to deposit on the machine like ATM withdraw machine, in Saudi Arabia there are two types of ATM machine the common one is when you want to withdraw then the other one is a automatic depositing machine and likewise the money can't read too.


The picture that you see is not actually the money, its just a module.

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