What is the normal blog views per day?

Blogging is one of my best hubby every day, I spend 6-7 hours on blogging and editing short films for making a post 3-7 articles per day.

I' got my attention on this question that's why now that I'm a blogger I will make the chance for you to know what is the answer to your question.

The normal or the media blog views per day is around 200-500 visitors, in other ways for you to understand clearly I have separated 3 levels that describe where is your blog intended to be in the classification analysis point.
1. HQ (high quality) - Hosting sites
2. HQM (high-quality media) - Websites
3. MQ (median quality) - Blogs

So if your using blogger like: Blogspot.com - Wordpress.com  and others don't expect for thousands or even millions of views every day, this are blogs that are compatible with simple information's digest and impossible to be reach the highest ranking comparisons, the world website ranking is double the number of the population of a country and you can't overtake the old one or the first blogs and websites that have been created, unless your company is providing your way to be faster enough and have good writers and publisher you offered them to work with you.

The highest views that I have ever recorded is 10,000 views per day, but I spend a lot of money for making that happened to come true, I use facebook.com, yahoo advertising, and google AdWords. I expect the boost and final actions definitely I was a little shocked with it, nevertheless just the moment if I can only get better views then totally I'm happy for it.

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