What is new at Blogsvertise?

What's New at Blogsvertise?

  • New Feature: Display Advertising!
  • Speedy Response Times Help Us Help You!
  • Blogsvertise Gets Social
  • Getting Your Tasks Approved - Tip

Display Advertising Maximizes Revenue for Bloggers!

Blogsvertise is pleased to introduce a brand new display advertising option that will help you earn money for featuring advertiser's banner and text links on your site. These classic ads are easy to use and each sold spot pays a monthly fee that you set for yourself. Sign your blogs up for banner ads here: https://www.blogsvertise.com/list.php. Fill out the information for each blog you own, install a two-line code on your sites, and you're ready to go. Until we sell your ad space, you will be earning money with the automatic, related CPA campaigns that will populate your display ad area. Once advertisers sign up for banners on your blog, you'll generate stable monthly revenue in addition to continuing per-action payments.

Accept & Decline Quickly to Help Blogsvertise Help You!

We are happy to give our bloggers 5 days to accept or decline the tasks that are assigned to them. However, it helps us a lot if you decline any tasks that you aren't planning to write as soon as you possibly can. This allows us to offer the assignment to another blogger and complete our pending orders so that the advertisers can place fresh ones. Try to log in and accept or decline your pending tasks at your earliest convenience, and we can keep sending you new assignments on a steady basis.

Don't Forget About Our Social Networking Options:

Download our Facebook App. Add your Twitter URL to your profile. Get the free iPhone/iPad App for when you're on-the-go.

Getting Your Tasks Approved - Tip!

When you receive a new assignment, make sure to review the advertiser's notes before you begin writing. This will help make sure that your submission is approved the first time you send it to us. Also, don't forget to email us soon if you need to request a higher payout for your blog. We don't want to waste your time with assignments that are "below your pay grade," and we're happy to give our premium bloggers the rates they desire.

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