There are 2 kinds of membership on Alibaba.com

There are 2 kinds of membership on Alibaba.com:

• Free membership: Buyers use to source from Alibaba.com suppliers; new members use to grow comfortable with the Alibaba.com trade platform

 Gold Supplier: For legally registered companies that are serious about selling to foreign buyers

While you may find success selling as a free member on Alibaba.com, companies often do not reach their full potential without Gold Supplier. These are the common problems free member suppliers experience:

1. Poor Exposure

Under same condition, as a free member, your company and products are listed beneath Gold Supplier members, making it hard for buyers to find you.

2. Trust Problem

Due to the large number of scammers on the internet, buyers have less confidence trading with you if you are not a VERIFIED Gold Supplier. Otherwise, buyers cannot be sure you are a real company.
3. Limited Buyer Access
As a free member, you may be blocked by many buyers, especially on Trade Manager. Gold Suppliers can access Buying Leads 7 days before free members.

Get the RIGHT membership and get real orders. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the information, your blog is very nice.

  2. Alibaba i legit and they serve as a very loyal and honest site, they give the best quality products and they shares lot of information we are looking for so that we can connect to other costumers and company who offer products.

  3. Yes your right Alibaba is really good to me too that's why i found out this blog and i like.

  4. Some costumers and company's or corporations and inc. are poor and not true and they are only cheating or making scam to your products be aware of them. some are good some are not. becarefull always!

  5. Tips how to aviod from SCAM is don't just believe a simple time in any person or people who are contacting you anyway they are like what i think.

  6. You are right terces.....thanks for sharing and i learn lot in this blog.

    1. Your welcome sir. we are just doing our best to share and give people knowledge about the world and the people.


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