The New Look of Infolinks, what is new on infolinks?

This is the new look of infolinks if you are still confusing or asking a question now you are about to
know more and what is new on infolinks this week.
So how can innovative ads can help you as a publisher?

1. Innovation means new ideas or advance and original, developments on infolinks is continuous whenever you say why? and anything could affect each traffic? Anyway NO! there is nothing that will be changed unless you do. So with INTENT they are just assisting infolinks? I'm not sure, infolinks will be angry now because I'm posting this with insufficient information. But just like what I say INNOVATIVE for infolinks endless advertising.

This show that infolinks is really rising like google, either you're a publisher or on advertiser at the same matter both must have two directions and fulfillments which are what is the goal and what is the purpose of you joining as a member, however, both are not the same how you engage with marketing.
1. One stop shop, so why not? infolinks has a huge mall inside the internet.
2. They have Unique ad units
3. With INTENT they help infolinks to trigger the best search for you. and advertisers helps find new customers and clicks for the publisher.

A most importantly, if you have the mind that you fully trust to advertise with infolinks and so do I, 125,000 websites are ready to know your business, a third largest ad marketplace, with 2 trillion analyzed keywords, and lastly 2.5 billion monthly ad views? wow that amazing, you can attain that too if you have the determinations. 

With this cute looking guy in the picture is smiling you as well, you know now what that's mean. You are in a good company. so what are you thinking Advertise with Bechnology

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