The best part of being a blogger

One of the best parts of being a blogger is, however, you can't express your self in the other way, you will be Profitable and a chance of opportunity while writing and editing, you can apply to Google AdWords to promote your blog or website, and then try to know Google AdSense as well us if you want to have income together while people will little by little know everything about you and your blog.

As a blogger, the excitement and energy inside was so natural, you will develop your English ability, spellings, and communications which are good for building relationships with someone out there. 

The best part was, after a long time and hardworking patience any views from activities you made you thought you will never gain anything but in case you give up then you lost, but I din,t stop this job, as I know I will be benefited from it. 

Actually, I'm almost 5 years from blogging now, but I have still the patience to do this because however, no one can recognize me in the future I know I do my best and I m creating post just to impress does who will come and visit my blog but I never think I will be a famous from what I started. 

It's not the fact that who have this talent then they will go to say you are rich now? Your working with writing articles? Publishing company? Anyway, not all writers are rich from doing it, the company with publishing business related are not so easy as what you're thinking of it, I still thinking that I' am doing this because I am happy and it's my hubby and I love blogging.

In advance, Google may ask you something is really great and useful, literary speaking only google.com who can find and appreciate a single sentence you made.

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