IINFOLINKS: 8,599 Ad views = $5.52?

Can anybody explain what is really going on and Infolinks? I'm confused at this moment just because since I started Infolinks there is no any record of mine that is bigger than I expect. I'm showing you how much I really earn honestly I don't have never got any cash fund yet from Infolinks, I serve AdSense and I have already received my solid payment but Infolinks never!

I'm not complaining but I want to know and learn more about this, so I could understand what is behind this information, long time ago, I observe that Infolinks never ask me or offer me how can I improve my earnings, I never receive any reaction from them not just google AdSense however I'm a little part of their member I'm still one of their priority and they guided me everything I need to do to make sure everything is under control.

With that 16,325 net page views, i could earn that on YouTube for about $5.50, Seems like I'm the cheapest one on Infolinks that's what I feel, however, i still use my infolinks link tags for some days if this problem does not solve I think I need to remove the HTML integration now.

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