How to make $102 a month?

I make 102$ a month with YouTube and blogging using google Adsense, I don't even use AdWords or any advertising social media to promote it, or even spreading it by sharing to make more visitors. On the day I start using AdSense I was shocked while the uploading  video's on YouTube now that I really follow all the tutorials how Google made me happy for this.

The first step was, upload a video that you produce, it's either you edit it or you are actually the owner of the video then monetize using the tab that is already set by YouTube, everything on YouTube if you created on account you will really amaze and trust the effectiveness, so no worry about it. Then using blogger, I started on blog, I apply to Google Adsense and after few working days Google Adsense will first review your application and the most important part of the application is they will going to ask you how many visitors every day you got on your blog, so meaning you need to drive visitors using your post or published articles that you know it's popular and unique, make sure you own all the post because Google will automatically terminate your blog or even your account if you repeating the situations. AFTER SUCCESSFUL application on Google Adsense and you receive the granted or approval letter from Google Adsense, then you may now start monetizing to start earning.

But honestly I don't think you will earn faster-using blogger unless you try to advertise on AdWords, using YouTube I really made the 102$ dollars a month, but most importantly you must sustain or maintain the views on YouTube like at least 5,000 views a day total (all videos you have).

Just be patience and creative because, without a passion and art related ability in you, I think you better try other ideas on how you can improve your skills, skills, and talent or sufficient ideas in your mind is better.

One of the bad things you will never ever do at all with Youtube once you have monetizing and done with the application is never ever copy or download someone's videos and re-upload it to youtube, that's unfair to the user, may be this user will catch you up and report you on youtube with the violation you made. After reporting you as the owner submitted files of complaints on youtube you will give a one strike which is mean WARNING! or first warning, and you will lose a lot of notifications and you will be suspended for the meantime, you can't upload anything until the violation of strike one is completed (6 months) One strike is equivalent to 6 months suspension. Two strike? i don't know because i never experience with it, but i really make sure you will be suspended and all your video will either terminate/delete or blocked worldwide.  Strike three is terrible, only one thing they will got to do with your account that i know is to terminate it or deactivate your account permanently.

Just make sure that when making a decision is clear and neat, youtube is really helping you to be good and nice, creating entertainment videos is awesome and they are caring and they don't like you to be out of them, but abusing is really terrible.

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