E-Ticket fair of Qatar airways for OFW (Economy class) exit only

If you are living within the gulf of Arab absolutely fair price is just a little funds if you are going to book your flight using the new E-Ticket Fair online, you can buy the ticket trough online on this website: QATAR AIRWAYS ONLINE Booking

With S. R. 687.00 you can now afford to go on vacation. If you're company providing this flight schedule  make sure to know first online because some company in Saudi Arabia tested with wrong issues on your step out the country, just like me, I'm still waiting for my vacation, I'm 3 years now here working as an assistant director in a hotel but just like what I expect either you sign a 2 years constructor more its just the same matter of longer waiting for your vacation so useless at all, no importance at all. What I mean is the longer you wait for the fast the years come, so what do you expect for your company? meaningfully they are afraid of losing you so they are also afraid of losing their money, in other words, they just care about their selves that how about us? employees! can we have just a little rest at home?

Hope this post help you guys a lot and if you have any additional information to share please write a little suggestions or opinion about this, thank you.

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