Why my youtube earnings does not appear on my adsense earnings?

YouTube earnings will be added to your AdSense payments page before the 15th of the month and included in your payment if your total earnings exceed the payment threshold. Estimated earnings will not be updated to include your YouTube earnings.

This is required and its was stated on the rules and regulation for YouTube earners and AdSense users, the development and comparisons of both two ways of how you earn money is not the same in on institutional calculations which become difficult for a users to find and make it together with any combinations and click activities on the ads you are promoting. YouTube and Blogger has different department for your earnings request at sustainable evidence, furthermore you need be patient and harder work so in advance you will not just commit the aim or goal you are looking at but also you will notice that from being hard to get enough things faster then now it's easy for right away because you already passed all the trials and hardest part of being a blogger and a YouTube partnership.

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