Causes and treatment | Flatulence or stomach air burp

Sa Tagalog utot
Sa English flatulence

1. Swallowing of any foods and drinking soda too much of volume intake
2. Food expired, or any foods that you have cooked a long time ago or just yesterday but you don't furnish some preservatives and you might think it's still safe to eat but it's not.
3. Do not laugh so hard, air pump from your stomach could cause any space bubbles from your intestines, you will not notice that.
4. Avoid gulp while talking, while there is no reason to be like that at any time unless you are eating any foods or even bubble gum.
5. Medicine effects are also the causes of flatulence but that's normal anyway.
6. Taking or drinking a lot of water, beverages with high content of carbon dioxide, soup, ice cream, and a lot more
7. There is a theory from other people that when you are attacked by cold air and this cold air travel inside your body and you will not see that, and then a few minutes you will feel a pain because of the cold air that free will, at any matters you do. otherwise, you don't know where is that pain come from, however, just try to drink hot water then you will release the cold air.
8. Don't talk while eating.

1. It's simple, use vapor rub or the Veex, I call it vix because it contains like menthol-related like eucalyptus it's spicy hot a little too, that helps relieve the pain and remove the air inside your stomach. there is also a kind of medicine that used for baby but I think you can also use because it's just the same as like menthol ingredients.
2. boil a water and take some hot drinks to paste the effect of cold air into a hot body with hot water drinks.
3. Walk for a few minutes then just maintain not to lay on the bed or sit down on the chair for some minutes to wait for a burp.

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