Xforex is a scam - with Filipino testimonies

Here's are the comments from different investors from the Philippines:

Diamond Tanya Salazar SCAM... I Invested here and can't get my money back unless I send them my back and front card details and IDs...Good thing it was just 50$ other people invested 500$. Please beware.Their site seems legit... And all the brokers will talk u into training and on the spot deposits. They will tell you that you can refund your money but when it comes to withdrawing them... They will ask personal details that may even lead you to a bigger trap! Don’t be FOOLED!

Gloria Renegado scam yan palit lang cila ng name iforex turns to Xforex...BEWARE PO

Milet Angeles kawawa mga taong naloloko sa hirap kitain ng pera ngayon den pag na scam msakit sa loob ,,kawawa nman kya ingat ingat nalang cguro po sa ating lahat

Rodrigo Cortez if this is true you will not post this, instead you will invest yourself alone .SCAM PO ITO WAG KAYO MANIWALA.

Bihildis Felipe I invested there and they did not send my money back. It's a SCAM!

Terrado Marisa Pagulong mahirap mag invest ng pera sa ganyang sistema at sa ibang bansa. Aanhin ko malaking kikitain ko kung wala naman akong kasiguruhan. Mas mainam pa ideposit ko na lang sa banko pera ko. Usually scam itong ganito. Please be aware of that. Mag-ingat sa mga ganitong business proposal.

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