What is new on facebook? the privacy setting

Now facebook has added the new Privacy setting that will let you choose how you desire your post to share with other users on facebook, you can only now set to share with family members. see example below:

This is the News feed on your facebook wall, and I haven't yet write any word on the posting box (what is in your mind) I encircled the Public. You have to learn this also so that in the future you will never be in trouble, It is important especially for dogs who are a uploading picture with sensitive figures. Click the PUBLIC

Remember: uploading/posting and setting of privacy are just the same when you post on you profile page

After clicking the Public next is click the word More option to see more choices. This is what other want to see but some guys and women can't locate the setting area, however, don't worry about it, because I'm here to help you, in regards I want you to suggest and comment below, please don't forget and we will gonna work on it.

After clicking the More options you will see the word FAMILY with on icon of a small house.
If you are now thinking about who's family member do you wish to share? you can see the family list of member who is the person who will see your post here below instructions.

Go to your Profile then click ABOUT you will see below the overview list at the left side.

Then after that click the FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS on the overview list: Then you may now able to add your family member by clicking the Add family member  underlined with orange.

To finish your post just click the POST.

Please don't forget to comment below and we want to know what are the problem you notice on facebook,

In addition, guys when uploading or posting by folder or by ALBUM it's just the same look at this:

Hope everything is clear and you understand the whole in every part and waiting for your comment. thanks.

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