The problem of uploading photos with high original resolution on facebook

Do you notice that all uploaded photos with high or low resolution on size have a bad effect of retrieving it into original size file? If you are looking on it each photo you uploaded there is no any reason to doubt about it or a reason to complain about, and one of the big mistakes from other facebook users are: they use facebook as a bank of a photo, collections of important and original that turn into small size. The difference from original files and the downloaded files with the same picture at the same owner are looks the same at matter, but the shadow on each side, the file uploader and the fact that you need to take it back for an example: When you want to print it into the shop of photo studio And at any place where you can edit it simply from some events like making tarpaulin and many other important reasons. Otherwise, I will still suggest you to backup all files into any storage location like on your laptop or if you have a hard drive portable device so you will just upload it and don't erase the original. Keep this information as a real play for any sustainable contents; you don't know pictures are important too.

Memories are coming at any day, at any time and at any moments in our life but once you accidentally lose your account on facebook you won't believe you don't learn any from me with this post. I learned from my mistakes but there is still a way or capability to set back it into a big size, however, just like what I say to my friend you won't bring back the perfect photo with just a resizing edit platform. Yes! You can edit the downloadable photo from facebook if you have a laptop just go to accessories and find PAINTING the painting application, a fix application at any kind of laptop brands, you can edit it with resizing into bigger number of resolution but the size is still at lower capability just because it's still a copying way.

The reason why Facebook is reducing the size of each user photo is that they can't hold it all in just a small capacity with a billion of users and a million of duplication, did you know that facebook.com or the company owner of storage area or the servers building of facebook is getting bigger and bigger? Every day they purchase or create thousands of servers in boxes shapes and compact it into a lining up build in a big storage building with own maintenance and engineers? Whose everyday inspect and maintain the storage machines in clear and good conditions. The location called: "The facebook Prineville Data Center" 300,000 square feet, 120 acre-site,

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