The first Wind farm In south east asia (Ilocos Norte)

Yah! it's the first southeast Asian wind farm only in the Ilocos Norte Philippines with rich of natural and environmental friendly. All of this wind turbines was constructed and build by the authority and development plan of EDC and with Bongbong Marcos jr. a former father of the late president Ferdinand e. Marcos who have been a good motivator of his only one son Bong bong Marcos.

This almost 50 turbines and in development is producing 150 MW of currents that can sustain the whole province which is great and amazing because before Ilocos Norte was connected to Meralco company that gives current and it's very far from Ilocos Norte and the payment or the price of every watt was very expensive and just because of this fortunately and finally Ilocos Norte brings a pride of making a history for us like no other.

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