Post on facebook that could be forbidden for kids

This picture is on example of very sensitive photo of on actress from Hollywood, so what is wrong with this photo is the breast of this woman, how do you think and how do you sure that kids won't see this on facebook or won't get stuck and imagine something then one time in effect is just a little distance where all people minds changes especially children who believe sex is just for fun?

This photo is very frightening with kids who don't know what is this photo behind at all, for me this activity is a love where maybe both of them parents are disallow them to be met together and won't like them to be married or else, that's why they decided a moment that they think that's the answer to their problem, but for me it's not!. because killing yourself is a sin to GOD. Please, kids, don't do this at home what matters is be.

These Couples are drunk and I think behind the story is just a simple understanding.
MANILA, Philippines - So you've seen some of our exhibitionist videos, but this time watch this drunk couple make out in...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Please don't do this in public, very disgusting and embarrassing.
MANILA, Philippines - On a video uploaded by a concerned citizen, it is seen that a man is jacking himself off in a...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Monday, June 15, 2015

So, what's is wrong with this video? kids are among people who are simply starting from developing and they are still in a small world instead.
After the issue of Jam passing away, rumors had been spreading that Mich, fiancee of Jam Sebastian, is dating Neo...
Posted by Pinoy Secret Files on Saturday, April 4, 2015

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