How to unblock friends on facebook?

Unblocking your friends are means going back to friendships again? Anyway, here's how to unblock your friend on facebook it's so easy and fast.

As the arrow indicated the small arrow down at the right side in your news feeds on facebook, click that small arrow down.

Then you will see the list where you can find the Setting juts above the logout .

And then after clicking the setting you will be directly pointing to the other page which is the main page for information setting for your account but we will not go to discuss that right now, now Blocking link is on the left side with on icon circled red dot and horizontal line, click that word blocking.

As you see there Wacky Mendoza was blocked before, I do block him just because we have things or arguments that we can't state right now as this is very sensitive things, every one of us has the reason why we do block friends but revealing each time has been at the right moment. Now I am unblocking him right now because he is already alone, I mean he lives a country where do we meet.

Click the unblock.

A prompt message will appear like this
Click that word confirm

After clicking the confirmed word the blocking list will be cleared and tell that "you haven't added anyone to your block list"

Thanks every one hope you understand the tutorial today and hope for your suggestions and question or any comments there, please.

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