How to post on facebook and not visible to others?

So here is the post on your profile, the same matter wherever you want to upload or post something here on your profile or in your news feed it's just the same.
Now, what did I write is please support .....blah blah blah  and I want it that post to be hidden or invisible to does people I don't like to share with or does people who I want to share with.
so here's how.

Did you notice or see the icon public on the right side? that's what you're looking for, click on it, then it appears public was checked and you want it to share with friends then click the FRIENDs, that's how simple it is.

But if you want more other options then click the MORE OPTIONs. facebook let you set the best way how you desire to share something is different and it needs to be finalized so that you would regret it after it.

After clicking the more options

You can choose a lot of types of privacy just scroll down and you will see 

PUBLIC - all users of facebook in the world will see your post/uploads/albums

FRIENDS - only who you accepted or added as friends on facebook

FRIENDS EXCEPT ACQUAINTANCES - only who you accepted or added as friends on facebook but except ACQUAINTANCES

ONLY ME - You are the only person who will see your post and uploads, make sure nobody knows your password on facebook if not then you will deplore it.

CUSTOM - If you choose custom then you will need to place names or group of people 
You only have two choices here:
1. The Share with this
2. Don't share this with

CLOSE FRIENDS - Close friends? how do I know who are my close friend? 
Just like this in the picture:

To know who are my close friends and how to set my close friends just go to your profile and click the FRIENDS  then drug the mouse pointer at the checked friends then click close friends. if you notice the circled friend at the left side that's what will appear after it.

FACEBOOK - It's just the same as public but the only facebook confirmed users only.

FAMILY - You shared with family members to see the setting of family please click this

and a lot more

Hope you understand and have a nice day.

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