How to create and add video from youtube into a playlist in your account?

Its very easy, you only have to do is make sure you have a youtube account, if you don't have then click here to register In addition registering a youtube account is registering to google wherever you go youtube and google account registration is just the same, so if you open your google account then you are able to log in to youtube also by simply opening your account on google then open youtube.com in another window then try to reload it.

First, let's go to the topic.

Now as the picture indicated you're at searching page and I have searched the Philippines vs Singapore at a 28th sea games football match. Now you're are looking for playlist and you want it to be played continuously with your choices of videos
If you're at that page now just simply scroll it down and you will see the word ADD TOO below left side of the title of the video

As the big arrow indicated click that encircled the word, a small window appear. If you look at the list actually that's my playlist that I have already created, You can search playlist of your own if you have already done this before, but if you are new on this, just click the word below CREATE NEW PLAYLIST

You can add to watch later if you want to watch it later.

Click that underlined word.

Then write the title or any playlist name you desire to create just make sure it is shorter because youtube can't provide you a longer name on the playlist, and I have to write Sports Videos. then after that click the CREATE as the arrow indicated.

The playlist and your video will be automatically checked and created, to find and see the playlist you created just go back to the youtube main page search engine then at the left side on your account it will just appear it as the arrow showed to you. click, that underlined word.

I created the playlist and I have one video, now I want to add more videos. Then just click the encircled word ADD VIDEOS at the right side of it, then a window will appear that let you search again for a video, but if you want a wider viewing just go to the search page of youtube and do the same thing all of this tutorials...

Ok that's it, hope guys I helped you a lot and if you have suggestions and comments please don't hesitate to comment us below and we will answer you immediately.

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