How to bring back your ceased mobile phone?

There are many people in the world who are ignorant 35% are illiterate with cellphones and electronic devices, but that's not the topic I'm going to discuss, however, education is the answer of all ignorance.

So, what are you going to do when your cellphone get stuck or halt (a motion that you cannot use your cellphone because it's not moving at all)

How to diagnose?
Try to switch it off or turn it off (shutdown your device) then switch it on, if it works then better, but if doesn't work then remove the Battery, Sim card, and the Memory card then after a few second try to bring it back all then switch it ON.

What is the reason why?
The problems why your device getting stop and un-move or sometimes they call it (hang) are:
1. Memory full, too many files, music or videos stored on your phone memory or on your memory card
2. Your device needs to check it with some technician to locate and observe what's really happening.
3. You are so very fast when touching it (smartphones), very past on typing on a keypad of phones.
4. Sometimes there are viruses, malware, spy, worms, and other electronic sicknesses, which you tried to connect to another device with Bluetooth or on a computer with a lot of viruses and your cell phone was infected.
5. You have a lot of messages in your inbox that you never erase before at the beginning of time where you start using your device?

Choosing and buying devices/gadgets that are made in china are not really perfect, however, you need to try to buy our own made country products so you won't tell to yourself that you buy such thing a (loser) and it is sure you can use with the best product from your country.

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