How to avoid from bashers with your post on facebook?

The form of natural activity. It's composed of two sides:

1. How you repair the right of a role in being the center of the issue.
2. Humbleness with fighting spirit.

1. How you accept the basher or the comment at any form of illegitimate comments and opinions. If only there could on online police then you will be busted easily, you don't have to fight or comment it back with someone doesn't understand the post or can't give any good idea instead, so you could change or make better everything, so in the future you won't like to do it again just because you have already learned the mistake in the past, right?

One of the hardest parts of being the center of the issue is that when someone tells you the most unnecessary word which could be ban and programmed on facebook to block any word related to bad words in any language and other related expressions, And leaving a message of final statement with wrong way of social communication humanity attitude, Exchanging of words or fighting with someone you never know on facebook is a non-reality actions involve but feelings are affected, so that's more difficult to solve because fighting with action in real life is just a moment which ends easily after, but just like what I say exchanging words will not end until you will not stop commenting back. So what is the best solution are here:
1.1 Leave it alone and skip that post.
1.2 Delete all your comment.
1.3 Block the basher.

2. The humbleness is already in your heart but we just don't like to use it, you are fighting yourself not to use just because you can't discipline yourself and humility.

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