Applying for a business proposal

When I was a kid, I'm thinking about money and how to grow from it, it's all about the saving day every class in the school, I don't want to waste my money on anything just for fun, instead I save it into my piggy bank.

Applying for a business? so how sure you plan to set a business? who will provide and manage the business? what is the business you are proposing? There are many lots of questions there but you only need to pick one and make a focus on that.

So let me tell you and discuss making some decisions and parts that are very important before starting this allegation.
1. The managing system. It is important that in a business or in a bigger business like hotel, factories, restaurant and casino's managing system is really indeed, using the new latest curriculums of the fresh graduate with a high standard of system managing.
2. The concept of the whole business and trademark. One of the most important concepts is the originality or the idea that comes from you only, you don't need to copy the other business strategies and liabilities if you don't plan on it because you don't know if they have a secret way in another plan where it is hiding and it's not for public information. So however you're originality is not better than the other competencies it's not the fact that they have it all in use now, you must entertain customers and clients the way how you entertain yourself, you must be the center, and be on influential entrepreneur, learn to adjust and improve each in every part when ups and down. Trading mark is the originality tag name, for an example: how did this customer react when they hear the sound of your business title? so that's the impact. Trademark Name.
3. The quality. So what is that for? quality in business is a signature to approvals and demand, the quality in each part of the business desired Whatever type of business is it. Moving to some cheaper businesses observing and did you notice that it's not really safe? like made in china products: china products are really disgusting and embarrassing. That's why we band china products in the Philippines as well us Canada because of the cheap quality of their products. then if the product is cheap then expect that customer won't go back to you again.

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