2018 FIFA World Cup qualification tiebreakers | Update and rankings | Round match | Asian

On Group A, Palestine and Saudi arabia take forward to the top 

Group B, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan lead the way to third round/second round, all country who got 2 wins have 3 points each.

Hong Kong and China in Group. Otherwise, hong kong and china is just the same with good players and strong fighters, with the same blood and the same goal, they are the same at all with the same eyes. Oh! Qatar could climbed too, unless this chinese federation will be gone on there way to FIFA.

Oh! on Group D, i think guam is just like Hong kong and China federation, and USA to Guam, right? So they are still strong with american powers, unfortunately India have lost 2 games but how come is that because one of their player has the most goal in asia qualification today? Sunil Chhetri have 4 goals total.

Group E, Oh! Singapore! there you go, recently singapore hosted 28th SEA GAMES 2015, and again singapore is leading a way to FIFA world cup 2018

Oh Group F, Thailand is just breaking the ball, recently they are rank 1 in the 28th sea games this year and now they are also rolling inside the basket for FIFA world cup 2018. Good luck thailand!. Indonesia have been disqualified because of some sensitive government issues there.

Group G, South korea and lebanon lead the 1st and 2nd position. However lebanon have 1 lost.

Group H, oh! my god Philippines have won 2 times with bahrain and Yemen because bahrain and yemen are strong nation when it comes to playing football, what a lucky experience is that? Go Philippines M.M. STAR is supporting you. M.M. STAR sponsor.

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