The best 5 part of concept in making a website and blogs

So what would be the best concept for your sites?

1. Every year the world of internet or the world of communication little by little there are changes with technology and we don't even notice that. However it might be good if some several things which are the top and the bottom of your blog are better than the idea in the center, I mean the look and the arrangement you form, comparing to some social media websites like facebook and twitter which are very popular today, but we will not about to discuss this social sites but we will point out the particular basis with your website you are building off.
           1.1 How good are you with colors? In similar cases, we want to know how good are you with color combinations and the color blend system you are forming.
           1.2 Thins and shade is not really familiar with blogs and websites because this is formed idea with color combinations into a graph or in the 3D Auto cad subjects, however, you can apply this idea with the 3d effects you would be amazed.
           1.3 Found the edge or the darkness of the blog/website don't forget to bribe a little of some color with lines which is very important to separate some locations on the board or on the main page to make sure this applications are not out in the line. The common color for edges and boundaries is gray and black.

2. According to my theory, customers and clients are users who are only good to you if once be inspired first by the look of impact how you gain to drive visitors. Every people in the world has imaginations and make thing you think you are better than them but mostly are better than you with creativeness, that is why nevertheless before you set the idea make sure you are done with the best that no one on earth have think it before, “Pictures and multimedia”.
            2.1 So how you inspired this person with pictures and videos? Easily that's not really a question, the category of your website is identified with pictures and videos that are only suites and related to all the post and pages with the given topic.
            2.2 Avoid from copyright materials, this is the most important with your blog and website, you should know the policy and rules on blogging and making website especially when you're at Google Adwords and Adsense now, even you are cheating right now you will be still scanned. Google will inspect the whole content of your blog/website, however, you still have a chance because you are permitted to edit this videos and pictures with your own addition to some little surprises not just the original.
            2.3 The best art of making a post is also in this area of creativeness, making a post with links, a little pictures of manifestation, videos if any and suggestions, or even more concept on post, you know there are a lot of concept simulation, the concept of the website, the concept of the post and the concept of color combinations.

3. Making the most relevant and the most popular websites is really hard to know/how and figure out, but the one thing I’m thinking to catch them all to visit you is, of course, advertising is very useful, but we will not going to discuss about that, anyway we are still focusing on the concept art, and the concept "originality"
           3.1 So how you introduce your website in a phrase you know that is your original work of masterpieces? You don't need to communicate and make a lot of conversation on social and personal just to introduce your website but with the help of social networking and publishing it would be better, that is what I’m talking a while with advertising, so right now going back to this it is important you think the original introductions and identity that will burn up and spreader all over the world.
           3.2 Originality of everything that will post and see the visitors and clients must be amazing and you think they will give you a 5 star for the work. You need to accept the patience and make the decisions with the final process and at the end of the day gain of purpose must be completed.
           3.3 Support the other side of the blog/website not only the main idea of the post it must be everything and even the tiniest word.

4. Controlling stimulation and gathering information with your co-workers.
           4.1 So how wealth and rich is your website? I mean the budget and you know co-workers, co-founders and another artist who are supporting you must gain a goal also not only you. Without them, the concept of the entire and even the root who given the idea to make your website title and supporting details will be crashed out if you don't plan the lineup and activities they are worth paying for.

             4.2 Yes! Co-founders and co-workers are involved in the concept because if you are the only one who are promoting your website/blog it really hard but it's true. However it is up to you how you planned yourself but it is still better to have co-workers actively, definite.

5. Rolling by straight boundaries and no out of topics, Making sure that all topics and even the smallest part are importantly similar to the cleanest part of the body, without your deodorant, the website will be in trouble with a smell.


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