Chinese products has transmitting code (do not buy made in china) warning!

I think china products has transmitting codes which are very dangerous for your privacy, some gadgets like TAB's and cellphone made in china has unique transmitting object, the ability to transfer data with their own satellite into some other location, or they may gather a lot of information with other people around the world using the products you use. So don't buy their products anymore.

According to my study, sometimes I was confused why and how these Chinese people have hacked and government data and files which are very critical. Then I think all the computers made in china that the government use has already been planned before. 

So, again another evidence is how did they access the phone of other people? this happens when I'm interviewing a college student, he said that sometimes my phone from china have shut down without clicking the shutdown button and this happen every week when I'm done with some special projects videos and my photos have gone in my camcorder. He said he can't explain what is going on before, and this why I' want you to believe me right now that he said a while ago again when I turn back the house I buy a phone and a camera made in the Philippines and America, a weeks come and he never feels now the bad situations, I think china products have a problem, and that's what we need to explore, furthermore.

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