Best Website to Earn Money with Your Videos

Earn money with your videos by uploading at YouTube, love your videos and edit them with different features.

Creating videos is the first step to go forward and letting you know that video from your own spot and creations is the most things to remember in mind, you may able to shoot footage, happy family videos, group videos adventures of your own, funny stuff and other creative and unique videos from the past if you have.
The YouTube have made for people who are surfing and want to have view videos from different country collections and for more advertisers are there to get advantages of you and that advertisers from Google partners they have the plan to get you drive for a cost where you can earn money by uploading your videos to help other company from coming views which lead them to the first when their ads visit.
first at all you have to apply at Google Adsense so you can turn back to YouTube and get partnerships with it within 2 days to review you so you could monetize your videos with ads and start earning now, when you get thousands of views it's better but when you get fewer views so you could plan to advertise your videos to make able to earn much more than you expect.
In the law school of YouTube you are not able and not good at all to copy the video of other people from other device or even on the Internet because it is not required and very dangerous, YouTube will massage you and they will go to give you strikes that will lead you to low standing with your account so avoid that thing. you can earn money depends on the views you will get every day, my estimate is 1-5 cents per 1000 views or up to 90 cents when they click the ads or viewed the ads video completely before your own video.
People are searching videos at YouTube so create the best title for your videos and descriptions which describe the relation to the video that you have uploaded to YouTube, add music if you want.
Remember also don't add music or picture that are down by other people you have to create your own that is why other people have suspended from YouTube. Please follow the YouTube policies and rules so you could stay good in standing.

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