What is the advantage and disadvantage of playing clash of clan & other online games?

Let's start with the advantages, according to a special study that playing online games will improve our artistic ability and skills, Do you agree with it? If you agree you can leave a comment below.

1. There are things we have to consider in life that we always need to be safe and aware of accidents just in case and avoiding circumstances, in regard to this, the time that we hope it will not happen we still need to keep inside our home if it's not necessary to be always outside and just having all you want to do, I know you have a lot of friends and everyone miss each other every day, but 3 times a week is enough, then telling yourself "I am with my good friend, always safe with them" or else drugs and alcoholics drinks are standing by just behind you. You need to ask yourself like this "why do I have to play online games if I have a lot of friends to hang on with them?" do you get the point? The word hang on is not the same as the word playing, hang on wich reacts to different things like you usually do, playing online games and at home is definitely safe, we are talking about your safeties.

However, playing games should be reduced or you should also limit the time of playing games or cut the time of playing for on example:, you have 3 hours to play and then come back after 3 hours to play again for another 3 hours until you satisfied yourself.

1. Looking for the disad actually, there are much dis-ad of playing online games, I don't want to be blamed or hated after this but I just want to excuse for does who are online game lovers who will read my opinions. For me as a teacher, I want to advise that we should also think does parts from being addicted afterward.
2. Your communication to your family will change, you need to understand that your parents are always monitoring your changes, however, they are the reason why you are happy with the X-box they give to you on your birthday.
3. Expecting a huge amount of bills especially if you are using a big capacity of internet speed, and electric bills as well.
4. I also tried to play online games but just a few munites I start to feel my eyes getting hurt! I guess not but when I looking in the mirror and I see my eyes turn to red so I got irritated and I stop playing then.
the problem is that some devices don't have screen protector for eye care or blue light filter, so make sure your android phones or smartphone is protected with a blue light filter. For laptop users or desktop make sure that you have your eye glasses to have good play and safe life.


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  2. i too think the same way. as i am just 14 years old i think it spoils the childhood with no interaction with others just playing the game

  3. Hey how dare you tell such things to coc!

    1. Just on opinion...

  4. Is is really a professional blog? Seems like a kid has made up all of this. Poor writing. And as far as addiction to games are concerned, nobody in the first place advises to play or get addicted to games. Its just a choice. So no comments on games or electronic media. The problem lies with the person on the first place.


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