The biggest advantage of being a good OFW

One of the biggest role and responsibility of being a parent and even a young people like me is that when you decided to leave your family alone and tried to discover new things or the world without their comfort near you.

The Philippines is not a poor country but let's say we have a lot of government problems with the past presidents, so I don't want to talk about this problem in the Philippines right now. 

So what are the advantage of being on OFW?
1. You will be honored because you are one of the heroes who is helping the economy.
2. You can save money depending on your needs and save balance or strategy.
3. You can travel the world with the longer stay.
4. You can start a business at home if you decided to earn for it.
5. You need to support your kids until college.
6. Every kid has dreams and does who are very materialistic also.
7. You can now help everyone who needs you (relatives).
8. It’s the biggest Support for your parents if you are the youngest.
9. If you resign in a company, you will then easily get hired again.
10. Friends will grow.
11. A lot of experience in the field.
12. A lot of opportunities for you after all.
13. Retirement is really important too so you don't have to say you can't pay for your SSS or pag-ibig because you have a good job right?

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