Business plan - for small load of products

Main Product
1.    Rice – per kilo
2.    Coal – per plastic
3.    Cooking oil – per plastic/bottle
4.    Gas – per plastic/bottle
Other supporting items
5.    Vinegar – per cup
6.    Fish sauce – per cup
7.    Salt – per plastic
8.    Soy sauce – per bottle
9.    Etc.

Estimated capital cost: 25,000-30,000 pesos

1.    Brgy. Permit and Brgy. Clearance
2.    Mayor’s permit

Materials or Equipment:
1.    Boxes of rice
2.    Cups for measurements
3.    Weighting scales
4.    Plastic for packaging
5.    Plastic bottles

Location of the store must be at the center of the community/barangay
Post banners and advertisement if needed.
Boost costumers by acknowledgement information strategy.
You must hire employee with good communication skills.
At least 2-3 employees with a salary of;

Cashier – 4,500 pesos a month and 3,500 pesos for helpers.

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