Why Adwords does not let you use old e-mail again?

Why does Adwords not let you use old e-mail again?
Actually I have been some problem with the same as your problem too, at the first time when you were logging in and sign up to AdWords and you didn't continue because maybe you don't have any payment methods considering the facts and use or AdWords disapprove the account you make for some specific reason, now you just live it away for so long time ago from now and you never come back again.

Now months ago you decided to come back and reopen it, but you will notice that all have been changed now. Adwords is requesting you for other e-mail because the old e-mail you make before was declined, not required to use it again. Otherwise, you need to follow the instruction and new policy.

Adwords is not cheap as other web hosting site, they are juts securing all and in finest protection with you.

This is the example:

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