What is your blog worth?

Do you want to know how much your blog is worth?

We get asked this question all the time.

Our bloggers want to know how much they should be charging for articles, links, and ads and also how they can get more attention from our advertisers on Blogsvertise.

Here are a few insights that will help you get a better understanding of what makes your blog valuable:

Google PageRank – you're probably already familiar with this but just to be clear, Google’s site scoring system is on a scale from 0 – 9 where zero means they're ignoring you and 9 means you’re Facebook (or similar). Our well-paying advertisers like to buy space on sites that are PR3 or higher.
Alexa – again you're probably familiar with Alexa Ratings, but what you might not know is that there are over 700 million websites in the world today, and that number is growing every minute. If your blog has an Alexa ranking below 1 million you're doing pretty well, and if your blog is ranked below 100,000 that’s pretty impressive.       
WebsiteAppraisalPro is a quick way to view your site stats and value. In less than 2 minutes you can check your Google PR, Alexa Ranking, site speed, and social stats along with an estimated appraisal. This is just an algorithm and there are a hundred services like this that may give you different answers so don’t get too stuck on the dollar figure that’s shown here.

The point is if you want advertisers to take your blog seriously and pay you money you will need to work on your site regularly.


5 tips for better sex experience

1. Calm yourself us well as the morning is still shine, base on my research the temperature of the whole room is defended on the heat and temperature you take while sleeping and taking rest inside your home, the best time for sex in fulfilling the room temperature is at 11:00AM - 12:01PM the sun give warm and heat to sweat our body during sex.

2. Together with your husband in your home at night sleeping time, try and hold a second to think about the food, anyway I’m talking about the good time which is not so early us 11:00PM because after dinner or food intake don't ever-ever do the sex, OK!

3. Remove everything in your body when in bedtime or just wear your panty and brief if you are married already or you the couple live in partners. It's not the fact that you do it every day but controlling own self is really important too.

4. Don't ever eat any fatty foods, like all kind of meat and egg, a little of adjustment and the production of sperm cells or semen in our body is decreasing that’s why sometimes men can get hard enough to produce it.

5. Double the happiness with different kinds of styles and positions after it at the end both of you will feel the real happiness you never experience before...

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