What is the difference between Import and Export

Import is the way a country produce goods and products to ship and deliver to other countries and export is the transversal of import which a country is consuming or receiving delivery or shipments from other countries.

So what is more advantageous between?
1. Export is more important than import because import means the country is in need of more materials and products to give and sustain the demand of the people in a country. So exporting good and products can help a lot for the countries wealth and economy changes.
2. Import, you can,t say you don,t need import goods of course either a country never need import products, a country should still accept it because every country have to do it to exchange trades and every country needs to grow their economy just the same.

But apparently, there are countries like Singapore wich is very small country just bigger than Maldives, they have small population so they easily measure how wealth is the country because poverty is smaller comparing to a very populous country so you don't say all that 1 billion of people in India are rich, the balance between population and the wealth is really fighting, it seems like useless to know the exact number if a country is still in poverty.
India is actually rich, but because of poverty wich is still growing in the country like china, there is a huge balance there.

The Philippines, they export a lot of products like semiconductors, electronics, and so on which they improve their economy health and makes the country progressive, but did you notice that the Philippines are still in a third world country? Yeh! it about corruption and poverty.

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