First search the  yahoo messenger at google.com

Next, you are now at the result, directly click the download.

Next click again the download now, the new version have made for you.

Now downloading, wait for a few minutes to complete the download before you are going to proceed

After that click the arrow down beside of the complete download app. then click the open to run and install the program.

This window comes and you have to click all the small boxes before you are going to proceed. click the NEXT

Read the full term of service and privacy policy, then click the yes I accept....then NEXT

Now installing yahoo messenger just click the OK

Begin to install wait after that and then follow some instructions to proceed again.


How to Install or integrate Html code on Infolinks?

Now you're at the main page of infolinks.com, Now click the login Button

You can connect with Facebook to easily sign in or type your login details

Next, you are about inside your account and find integrate
Don't worry for time its just a minute to integrate, choose a website to integrate then your platforms if you desired to direct integration If not then copy the HTML code have on the box named paste this code in your site

After that click codes and automatically highlighted the code so you need to do is copy now.

Log in to your account at Google then go to blogger, click the layout then add a gadget, 

When you finish clicking the add gadget this will appear which you are now allowed to click the HTML/java script

This will come now and you have to paste the code after you have clicked the add gadget, after that now you can save the post by clicking the save. 

After all, you have to click the save arrangements too if you are going to live the page now.


Publishing articles at Triond.com is getting strict this year

You are probably on the main page of the site

After you sign in, you are now at the account dashboard, if you are the first time you will see this message which is the blue rectangle - Holy content! you don't have any articles yet. How do you plan to earn money any revenue - Submit your first one now!
Click the submit or the submit your first one now! to go at the articles editor.

Now you're at the articles editors

Create The title definitely the best topic, Any descriptions which are related to the articles or discussions you are going to make. After that now the body of the articles

Choose a category, get suggestions or you can also create, find images, and don't forget to click the small square box - I declare that I am the original creator of this content. then click submit or save as draft

You will see your article or post here at the content button

Here is it, wait for some days for the review for your articles to be published and start earning money

If you are desired to sign up via Facebook actually you can.

 But this year 2015-present Triond.com have strictly implemented the copyright policy and secured confirmation before you can post any articles, the review time this day will take at least on hour or a day, so the process would be slower these days because one by one they read and analyze each everyone draft articles and under reviews.

HOW TO UPLOAD videos on YouTube?

No, you are at YouTube.com, of course, you have to sign into Google first or directly to YouTube now after you log in this come appears so to start uploading click the Upload button at the top right side.

Then after you click it next this come and  click the big arrow up to select files to upload from your computer or other devices you have a plug in. if you desire to Upload pictures you can create slide show just click the Photo slideshow at the right side of the uploading area then you will go to choice multiple pictures.

Now you're at the libraries and choice video to upload

After you have choice Uploading is getting started, after finish doesn't forget about the other boxes to fill out

Choice and create the best title for your video and add descriptions that are related to the video with near tags below, you can also add the picture with the custom thumbnail which is the picture appears when they see your video you uploaded or advertised to the internet. Share to Google plus, Facebook and twitter to drive more visitors. click the Monetize if you have already signed up to AdSense, advance setting for more info.

After finish click the publish button

 This will come next

 Then after that check it at Video manager

Here is it. Congratulation your videos was just Uploaded successfully

 Remember: don't ever copy any video or just upload videos that have permitted from other people and you own only.


YouTube Edit Video tutorials and explanations

Now you’re on your account, You will see your video lines and find the video you want to edit.

You have choice that video then clicks the edit

After that go to the editing page where you can see the whole landing page and other edit links, now automatically you are at the info and setting


Here at info settings you have to complete the basic info

Foot The title of the video – any descriptions that related to the video  – below the box another is to give and type at least 10 tags or less to make sure for more visit to come.

You can also change the privacy into public or private at the drop down, also share on google +, Facebook and twitter if you want.

At the center of the setting below, if you have applied for Google Adsense and become the partner of YouTube already then you can click the monetize with ads to earn money.

At the right side is the advance settings, and you may able to edit your privacy, protections features, category, video, and others

Now you are at the Enhancement setting, here you can quick fixes, choice filters and add special effects, you can auto fix which come out the colorful view for your video – stabilize it’s like an anti-shake – you will be able to fill light, contrast – saturation – color temperature – slow motion if you are interested and trim it or turning the video into right or left. If you don’t mind you also notice that there is a YouTube video editor, yes you can edit much more.

 After that click the Audio if you want to have music just for your blog

You search any music you wanted to add, no artist but it’s just a simple music created by different instrumental recorders. Click any music, if you don’t like it just  after footing music come back here and click the revert to original.

Annotations make able you to edit words like speech bubbles, note, add tittle from the beginning, spot light, and labels.

Below the edited video is the graph line where you can foot the annotations, you can drug the annotations by from the line start into other location.

And at last the subtitles and CC the language you are about to use for your video

Select video language

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