Wind power generator for energy supply in the philippines

Wind power is like helicopters with long blades that rounding ups and down, with a high and strong foundation to stand still and connection wire pass trough the stock power plants. In transverse the power from the air giving back by each generator turbines stock in the power area plant then supply the community, the wind power is producing energy effectively because of the magnetic bar coated around the turbines which converted into the powerful voltage. They also call the wind power as Windmill in another country, they building 20-166 windmill along the oceans, away from city, land options with the strong wind that can heat enough the turbines.

It was invented during late 70's but not easily and spreads quickly it was almost 30 years before it was lunch the new and modern windmills across the country, for now, some country have defined the area as a perfect destinations and tourist attractions, they engage for renovations, result buildings, improvements on accommodations and  places well to be you can say amazing .

Wind power is one of the best solutions in a community supply of energy because it produces high energy supply for the community needs, it helps people around the area as the source of income, other people making windmill reflections a small artifacts of peace made from wooden and shells in addition to the design, they do sell it to the tourist and vacation visitors when they arrive in the cottages, they are also selling foods and snacks altogether whose eating with bikers, tourist, visitors from other nations and municipality's with students field trips for educational feeds and lessons to be learn.

The tallest and biggest windmill farm in Southeast Asia was found in Pagudpud, Philippines

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