What are the advantages of internet into our society?

the Internet is very useful and definitely it's working around the globe, The simplest form of communication and the fastest it should be, using E-mails, Facebook chatting, video calling, google hangouts and a lot more, which is very amazing to have it all - may be without the internet in our lives there will no be good communication at all times.

The most common use of the internet is just for communication only - delivering different things to different business running over inside the internet and the web, Use for a military in advance, Bigger business on the web, satellite and for family television home programs and other internet service communications.

1. In school, it used to research dramatical information and nudity of different thoughts of wisdom over ideas in different people who are also contributing this publishing information.

2. For Business purposes like online buying and selling, and also for advertising which is known since the internet was launched.

3. More Offices because they also using E-mail/Gmail to contact does clients and customers, the most populous country which is the India - second to the Philippines which are in demand of jobs for call center performing countries.

4. In military/infantry/naval/air forces and ocean, ships are also been recognized as solidly done with the internet for different reasons of security and financial ancestors group of company, developing countries for shipments of goods and cargos.

5. Home use for fun and playful kids, without the internet in their lives I think life is boring to them.

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