A weakened butterfly story

A weakened butterfly suddenly bumped against me then got dropped on the ground while I was on a tricycle heading home from church. It seemed that the butterfly was struggling hard to open its wings to fly but every attempt it falls down. This reminds me about the metamorphosis of a butterfly that goes into several developmental stages until it is fully grown and developed. We can compare this in our lives and in the step by step transformation of a human being. At some point on the stages of a butterfly is a struggle to face. Sometimes these struggles make it difficult to surpass all the obstacles blocking its way in developing through. Victory over battle comes to a greater opportunity to strive hard and to stand firm in order to live and to maintain growing up. Like this butterfly, life is not perfect at all. We may stumble and fall. We may feel weak, and hopeless. And sometimes we may see life is worthless. Then we may say to ourselves that living is purposeless.

May this butterfly serves us a wonderful meaning of our everyday living that no matter how many times we stumble and fall we should stand up strong and gracefully bring back our feet on the ground. And though we are losing everything we believe into we should never surrender our faith and trust in God. Let's practice ourselves to see life with enormous enthusiasm. Because I believe that in our nothingness He is our everything. Life is beautiful when you let God control you and direct you into the holy path of life.

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