Publishing articles at Triond.com is getting strict this year

You are probably on the main page of the site

After you sign in, you are now at the account dashboard, if you are the first time you will see this message which is the blue rectangle - Holy content! you don't have any articles yet. How do you plan to earn money any revenue - Submit your first one now!
Click the submit or the submit your first one now! to go at the articles editor.

Now you're at the articles editors

Create The title definitely the best topic, Any descriptions which are related to the articles or discussions you are going to make. After that now the body of the articles

Choose a category, get suggestions or you can also create, find images, and don't forget to click the small square box - I declare that I am the original creator of this content. then click submit or save as draft

You will see your article or post here at the content button

Here is it, wait for some days for the review for your articles to be published and start earning money

If you are desired to sign up via Facebook actually you can.

 But this year 2015-present Triond.com have strictly implemented the copyright policy and secured confirmation before you can post any articles, the review time this day will take at least on hour or a day, so the process would be slower these days because one by one they read and analyze each everyone draft articles and under reviews.

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